A Sad Day In Israel


It was a sad day. A sad, very sad day in Israel.

Watching Jews forcibly taken from their homes was painful to witness.

The international media took notice; Bloomberg reported on the evacuation with their spin.

While readying to evacuate Amona, Israel announced plans late Tuesday to build 3,000 homes in the West Bank, pressing ahead with a construction binge in the wake of the inauguration of U.S. President Donald Trump. The Palestinians claim the territory, along with east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, as parts of a future independent state — a position that has wide international backing. Much of the territory, which was seized in the 1967 war, has deep religious and historical significance for both Jews and Muslims.

Please note the last sentence, “Much of the territory, which was seized in the 1967 war…”

NO! The territory was seized by Jordan in 1948, in a war started by Arab states. Judea and Samaria were reclaimed by Israel, after another war it did not want, in June 1967, after Jordan joined Egypt and Syria in what was to be an all-out-war to destroy Israel.

Today, while the Jews of Amona and others were suffering, others were happy.

Mayor of Silwad with two of the "land owners" Yesh Din found and brought to court
Abdel-Rahman Saleh, Mayor of Silwad, standing with two of the “land owners” Yesh Din found and brought to court

Our feeling is indescribable, said Abdel-Rahman Saleh, the mayor of the nearby Palestinian town of Silwad, who assisted the landowners in building their case. “We struggled for 20 years to get our land back.

Why 20 years, not 50 years? Yesh Din found old pieces of old typed papers which were called “deeds to land.” issued by the King of Jordan in the 1960s. One such “document” was used by Maryam to prove her claim.

Old Muslim woman points to her land in Amona where she walked every day as a child

In November, Maryam pointed to her land in Amona. She told how she walked everyday as a child with her father, to work his farm. She also said the land was more important to her than her sons. So of course, she could not sell the small plot for any price. No larger piece of farm land anywhere else could satisfy her. Today she must be so happy to see those Israelis removed from their homes.

The Major of Silwad was very happy, so excited, he let slip:

The only solution is for those expelled from Amona was to return to Europe where they came from.

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