Arab Chutzpah Gets Cartoonish


Earlier today, the foreign ministers of Egypt and Jordan held a press conference in Amman to discuss the potential for a new cease-fire in Syria. But, like clockwork, things veered “off-topic” and back to the “real” issues that matter.

We’re of course not talking about Assad hanging over 13,000 people after sham trials that lasted just one minute. And we’re not talking about how this is only a drop in the bucket considering that over half a million people – mostly Sunni Arabs – have been killed in the conflict so far. We’re talking about the unspeakable horror that is Jews living in Jerusalem.

The Jordanian Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi, explained:

“In our view, Jerusalem is extremely important, our firm stance is that we reject any unilateral efforts that attempt to change the Arab, Muslim and Christian identity of the Holy city.

I sometimes have to remind myself that Chutzpah isn’t an Arabic word. Even those with just a minor knowledge about Jordan’s role during Israel’s War of Independence know that the reason why Jordan only recognizes the “Arab, Muslim and Christian identity” of Jerusalem is because during the war Jordan murdered or expelled all the Jews who were living there!

Here’s a quick overview from Wikipedia:

While Christian holy sites were protected, and Muslim holy sites were maintained and renovated, Jewish holy sites were damaged and sometimes destroyed. According to Raphael Israeli, 58 synagogues were desecrated or demolished in the Old City, resulting in the de-Judaization of Jerusalem. The Western Wall was transformed into an exclusively Muslim holy site associated with al-Buraq. 38,000 Jewish graves in the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives were systematically destroyed, and Jews were not allowed to be buried there. Following the Arab Legions expulsion of the Jewish residents of the Old City in the 1948 War, Jordan allowed Arab Muslim refugees to settle in the vacated Jewish Quarter. Later, after some of these were moved to Shuafat, migrants from Hebron took their place. During the 1960s, as the quarter continued to fall into decay, Jordan planned to turn the quarter into a public park.

The equivalent analogy would be American settlers insisting that Native Americans returning from the Trail of Tears respect the European identity of their former homeland. Sure it sounds insane, but that is actually what is being openly said today by all the Arab governments, the United Nations and the European Union. This idea is so cartoonish that the only way to properly address it is with, well, a cartoon:

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