How Many More Under 30 Will Be Lost?


Sunday morning, hundreds of young people mostly from the US and European countries arrived in Israel for a Forbes Under 30 Summit. Meetings, lectures and more were held in Tel Aviv.

On Wednesday, the Forbes Under 30 Summit came to Jerusalem for a “service day.” One group discussed various high-tech options, from cybersecurity to mobility, another group went on an archaeological dig and found items from ancient times. A third group went by bus, as one young man told me, to “Palestine” to see the brand new city being built, but the name he could not recall.

A special musical gala event was held at the Tower of David, which day or night is a favorite place, especially at night it is a great photo-op. The positive energy was so great from the first Forbes Under 30 Summit held last year in Jerusalem, as to get me out of my house so very close to Passover.

Forbes under 30 at Tower of David Stage

Seriously, how do you beat this backdrop and scene?

Super model Ashley Graham tweeted to her 203K followers.

Tower of David Forbes under 30 Ashley Graham model and Randall Lane editor Forbes

Well, you get the gorgeous super model Ashley Graham to join Forbes editor Randall Lane on stage to announce the acts, and have the YMCA Arab-Jewish youth choir open the show.

L'chaim raising glass for photo Forbes Under 30Jerusalem friends were there celebrating, but the group was truly international. I met a young entrepreneur from Los Angeles. When I asked if he was Jewish, he answered “Muslim.”

So of course I had to ask, “How was your experience at the airport with security?” Almost let down, he answered, he breezed right through without any wait or problem. No Ha’aretz story.

Activity at Tower of David for Forbes under 30 , play backgamon for peaceOne of the activities was a backgammon tournament, you know the playing for peace, Arabs against Jews kind.

The music was to go on for hours. From Jerusalem, the participants were to go and climb Masada for sunrise and bathe in the Dead Sea.

I am way over 30, so made my way home early, before the serious music blasted.

Young woman wearing hijab in Jerusalem Israel at Tower of David taking photos on her phone

I was going to blog about the huge BDS fail, or about this young woman in hijab taking videos on her phone of the spectacular event.

But then again today, another car ramming, another under 30 young Israeli murdered, just because of hate and his being a Jew waiting for a ride at the side of the road.

Both of my sons served in the IDF as Golani soldiers, so you bet I know they are the best, Israel’s finest.

I should be preparing for Passover. With close to 30 people expected for seder, there is still plenty of work to do. But the weight of the news, of another life lost, weighs down on all of us.

Too bad I have no answers. Perhaps one of the hundreds of Forbes Under 30 superstars can tell us how to stop the incitement, so our young can grow old in peace.

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