What To Comprehend When Watching Viral Video of Muslim Women Agreeing With Wife-Beating


The following video has caused an uproar. And understandably so.

The group’s response to the uproar is also instructive:

We would like to acknowledge the very understandable concern expressed from sections of our Muslim community regarding a recent posting we made of an event on the tafsir of a verse of Surat al-Nisa (subsequently dug up and given the usual tabloid treatment by media). Indeed, we express our gratitude for the sincere advice we have received and continue to receive from members of the community. Sincere criticism from the community one serves is a blessing. We firmly believe that we, as a community, must not shy away from the clarification of Islamic injunctions, however controversial, let alone succumb to reinterpretations of Islam forced by liberal hounding. In fact, the greater the pressure, the greater our adherence to Islam must be.

Nevertheless, there is a need to be sensitive to the environment in which we operate and the context in which we are speaking. When mud-slinging at Islam is the order of the day in an increasingly hostile West, more thought needs to be given to the question of purpose, worth and risk of sharing content online. We acknowledge our mistake in this respect in this instance. We would especially like to acknowledge in this regard sisters in our community involved in the Domestic Violence space and their advice on how things can be misconstrued on this topic and we thank them for their tremendous ongoing work. Domestic Violence is an abomination that Islam rejects in the strongest terms.

The condition of the community and the potential to invite harm upon it is, and must be, a great concern. May Allah (swt) bless and strengthen us all, give the tawfiq to learn and grow and make our efforts a source of goodness and baraka in increasingly difficult times.

As for media coverage and political commentary on the matter, well what can one say? Apparently the likes of The Australian, shock-jocks like Ben Fordham and Andrew Bolt, and government ministers care about women and the violence against them! These are the same folk whose careers have been built on the consistent shameless demonisation of Muslim women (and Islam generally) and who carry water from the political establishment and its foreign policies that kill thousands of women every year in Asia and Africa and destroy the lives of many more. These are the same folk who are a hundred times louder on “terrorism” and “extremism”, simply because it sells, than on the domestic violence, which is a far greater menace in this country.

Domestic violence kills around 70 women every year in Australia and destroys the lives of thousands. Yet, it is giving nothing more than nominal lip-service by policy makers and mainstream media alike. For them, this is just another opportunity, just another day of the week, in which to attack Islam and Muslims as they do every other day. As such, they can continue talking to themselves as far as we are concerned, pretending to occupy the moral high ground while throwing stones from glass houses. We firmly refuse them their demand of interrogating Islam for they are in no position to lecture anyone on women or violence.

Media Office of Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia,
Women’s Section

They seem to acknowledge their mistake – which was sharing the video online! And note the quaint use of scare quotes around the word “terrorism.”

Which is not surprising.

But not to worry. They now say IS is not representative of Islam’s belief towards minorities.

IS is not representative of Islam’s belief towards minorities and in light of these attacks, we present Islam’s rules related to Non-Muslim citizens living in a legitimate Islamic Khilafah
Non-Muslims citizens living in a Caliphate have an honourable status and are referred to as dhimmi (people of contract). Their places of worship, lives and property are protected and they are not persecuted for their beliefs.

I hate to ask what their views are on non-Muslims living in a place that is not a “legitimate Islamic Khilafah” – not that being a dhimmi sounds like a picnic.

And an Islamic Caliphate is precisely what they are aiming for – as their (Palestinian-born) leader Ismail al-Wahwah has made abundantly clear.

A Sydney-based Islamic extremist has called on a Turkish audience to lead ‘the armies of jihad that will conquer Europe and America’ where their enemies have ‘black hearts’.

Palestinian-born Ismail al-Wahwah spoke at a ‘caliphate conference’ in Ankara, Turkey, in early March, a video recently translated and shared by MEMRI shows.

Al-Wahwah is the leader of Australia’s hardline Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

He called on the attendants to pledge ‘before Allah to restore the Caliphate, to raise the banner, to restore the Sharia, to unite the Islamic nation and to lead the armies of jihad that will conquer Europe and America so that the word of Allah will reign supreme’.

The group was in the news also last month, when their spokesman Uthman Badar said Muslims who leave the religion should be put to death.

And here’s the thing: while not representative of all Muslims, groups like this have many followers who make a hell of a lot of noise. And they include Islamic terror groups, such as ISIL and Hamas.

You simple need to understand all of this to see that there is indeed a war of civilizations going on in the world – which, for the most part, only one of the sides is willing to acknowledge.

And as usual, Israel is on the front lines.

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