MUST WATCH: The Dignity Of Michal Salomon, Wife of Halamish Terror Victim Elad


Michal Salomon was the wife of Elad Salomon, who was murdered by a palestinian terrorist on Friday night, along with his sister and father.

While the terrorist’s mother praised his murderous feat and his father blamed it on the “occupation”, this amazing woman tells of the incredible bond between her and her late husband, and refuses to give in to hate.

(make sure captions are enabled to see the English subtitles)

This amazing, dignified woman is the face of Israel.

This is who we are.

This is why there is no comparison between the sides in this conflict. None whatsoever.

Note: The above video is a part of a longer segment. Since I did not have time to translate the entire thing, I focused on this part only.

You can view the entire segment in Hebrew here (hat tip: Jeremy)

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