WATCH: Muslim Boy Strikes Israeli Soldier


This video was posted on the Facebook group The Palestinian Information Center, which is based out of Gaza, and describes itself as “an independent Palestinian organization” that “aims to promote awareness about Palestine, the Palestinians and the Palestinian issue and to balance the often distorted picture presented in the mainstream media.”

The caption to the video reads: “A brave #Palestinian youth smacks a heavily armed Israeli Occupier on the head this past Thursday at Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound!!!”

I have a better caption: “Muslim boy foolishly strikes an IDF soldier, who lets him be, despite the clear provocation”

Granted, the soldier seems to have his hands full with the crowd, but if we were the monsters this mob makes us out to be, he would have taken a shot at the kid, without thinking twice.

Of course, the lack of a response from the soldier is nothing new.

Heck, if that kid did that to a Hamashole or PA policeman, do you believe he would still be able to walk?

Here is the PA police in action in case you are still sitting on the fence about this.

No doubt this kid was encouraged to do what he did from the constant incitement and antisemitic propaganda to which he has been exposed – which tells him he will be a martyr if killed (along with bonus propaganda points), or a brave little warrior if not.

It is a win-win for him and those who encourage such foolish acts. Which is why I am posting this video – to use it to show how this is a sick society that thrives on such child abuse.

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