Palestine Poster Propaganda A Reminder of Fraudulent Nature of Palestinian Cause


The Times of Israel reports on a current propaganda effort by the haters.

A little over two-thousand years ago, while traveling from Bethlehem to Jerusalem, Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus were stopped by a giant cement wall.

It’s not exactly how the New Testament story is told, but in a recently printed version of the iconic “Visit Palestine” poster, that’s how the scene is portrayed.

The posters, widely available in erusalem’s Old City market, constitute unsubtle criticism of Israel’s security barrier, which Palestinians say is an unjust impediment to their freedom of movement.

The poster also taps into the recent trend in Palestinian nationalism, in which Jesus of Nazareth is regarded as a Palestinian. The poster suggests that even Jesus couldn’t have made it into modern day Jerusalem from Bethlehem.

There is so much about this that is symbolic of the palestinian cause – namely shooting themselves in the foot.

For a start, they are using a Jewish agency poster, showing Jewish presence in ‘Palestine’ pre-1948.

As the report mentions, this is “Visit Palestine” poster first designed in 1936 to promote Jewish tourism to the Holy Land prior to the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. It is a favorite of Israel haters and antisemites, who are apparently unaware of the poster’s origin, or banking on their followers not being familiar with Google.

But more than that, they are using a Jew – perhaps the world’s most famous Jew – to try and make their point.

There is really no question Jesus was Jewish. Again, they are shooting themselves in the foot by reminding everyone of the Jewish presence in the land going back at least 2,000 years (including the existence of the Second Jewish Temple that was standing during Jesus’ time, which they like to deny ever existed).

Of course, they claim he was ‘Palestinian’, but this goes against history – a typical tactic of the palestinians and their supporters, who need to fabricate history to bring any legitimacy to their cause.

As for the idea of a cement wall during Jesus’ time, of course walls were built back then to protect inhabitants from foreign invaders. Yet there was no such wall. Why is that? Perhaps because the palestinians did not exist back then (after all, the Muslim conquest of the Holy Land would happen only about 600 years later). Come to think of it, neither did bomb belts, so there’s that.

Another point: this poster is being sold in Jerusalem’s Old City, which goes to show freedom of expression that exists in Israel. Do you think a comparable poster – criticizing Hamas or even the PA – would be sold in Gaza/PA territories without severe repercussions?

This kind of propaganda can only appeal to those who do not think. The problem is, this category includes too many people.

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