WATCH: Linda Sarsour Admitting Self-Identification as ‘Non-White’ Is Political Maneuver


Following the discovery of Linda Sarsour’s slip she is ‘White’ – despite promoting herself as a ‘woman of color’ – comes the discovery of another video, in which she pretty much reveals her agenda.

In 2015, a Forum on Ethnic Groups from the Middle East and North Africa was held, in which “experts from around the country” (including Sarsour, apparently) discussed the Census Bureau’s plans to test a “Middle Eastern or North African” category on the 2015 National Content Test, and to provide feedback on those plans. Yes, that interesting.

Thanks to Elder of Ziyon, I did not have to go through the entire video and neither will you.

Here is Sarsour admitting that the decision to identify as non-White is purely political in nature – it is not advantageous to do so in the current political climate and she advises that Arab Americans not identify as ‘White’ for this reason.

She then states it is all about self-identification and proclaims “I’m Palestinian. If I want to say I’m Black, I’m Black, that’s on me, I can check whatever box..”

Conversely, this confirms why she keeps placing ‘Zionists’ in the ‘White’ box, even comparing us to White Supremacists. She wants to portray us as the ones with ‘White Privilege,’ and use this politically to win over allies in disadvantaged communities. And as I have shown before, she does this so they will be “the staunchest supporters and best defenders of Islam against Islamophobia.” Oh, and allies in demonizing the Jewish State.

Update: I could not resist.


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