Terrorist Rasmea Odeh Being Deported From US on September 19


It’s official: terrorist Rasmea Odeh‘s deportation from the US is this week – September 19. And naturally her terror-loving supporters are organizing a farewell at the airport – because we already know how much they love to party.

Send-off for Rasmea at O’Hare Airport September 19th

We now have the departure date for our dear Rasmea Odeh. She will be leaving the U.S. for Jordan on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017.

She was officially sentenced in August by Judge Gershwin Drain, who did not allow her to make a final statement in open court, but the Rasmea Defense Committee published that statement here, and now we are asking supporters to join us at O’Hare Airport on September 19th for Rasmea’s final send-off.

This is our last opportunity to say goodbye before she is forced to depart the U.S. after an almost four-year legal and political struggle, a struggle in which the defense committee organized day and night for #Justice4Rasmea, educated thousands about her case and the cause of Palestinian liberation, and made the name Rasmea synonymous with all of the other major social justice fights in the country.

As she and the defense committee have said many times, regardless of where she lands, Rasmea will never stop working and organizing for justice and for the liberation of Palestine and other oppressed communities.

On September 19th, she will be moving on to the next chapter of her life, and we invite you to be with us that day.

I wish the deportation had been on September 11 – it may have been a stark reminder about the evils of terrorism, of which Odeh has played her part. Not to mention the fact it would have cast her supporters in the bad light they thoroughly deserve.

But September 19 is the date. So if you happen to be at O’Hare Airport at around 4:30PM, you might want to let her know how much you appreciate the US taking out the trash.

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