Why I Continue to Love Alan Parsons


The Express has a fascinating interview with music legend Alan Parsons, who reveals what it was like working with some of the world’s best bands, including the Beatles and, yes, Pink Floyd.

What is interesting to me is who he does not mention.

It’s clear that after a few minutes talking with this giant of music production, his warmth and attention to detail is as apparent in person as in his legendary trademark sound recordings.

In particular, his production of sound on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon album.

Parsons explains: “Nick Mason was always very supportive of me and my role. I feel comfortable in the knowledge that Dark Side would have been different without me and my contributions.

Sure, it might not mean anything. Or it might mean he is really no fan of Roger Waters. He certainly does not seem to be these days.

But it gets better. Alan actually mentions Waters’ latter day nemeses.

Parsons declared that he would like to work with both Coldplay and Radiohead, should the opportunity present itself in the future.

As well as his upcoming tour of Israel.

“I have a new album coming out and it will be a combination of a blast from the past musicians with very modern rock artists playing on it, too. We are looking to release it in May 2018. Also, I’m building a full-blown home studio of my own in an outbuilding on my property. We live on a 40-acre avocado farm in Santa Barbara, so there is lots of space and it’s nearing completion. Before this, I’m going to play gigs in Israel and the Netherlands in November. It’s been fun to play the I Robot album in its entirety at the shows we have been playing this year.

Innocent answers or master trolling of Roger Waters? Does not matter – this will no doubt get up Waters’ nose, given his petulance!

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