Iran to Ban “Zionist” Waze


The latest from land of the batshit crazy leaders:

Iran is reportedly set to block the navigation app Waze from being downloaded across the Islamic Republic because it was founded and developed in Israel.

Iran briefly blocked the app back in March, arguing that its Israeli history “raised concerns”; it was later reinstated.

The head of an Iranian cyberspace watchdog, the ‎Committee for Determining Criminal Web Content, said Monday that a committee is working to have the Iranian Communication Ministry block the service to Iranians, according to a report in the Azerbaijan-based Trend News Agency.

Abdolsamad Khorramabadi said the ministry was at work “filtering” the app, according to the report, citing Iranian news outlets, and that a full ban may take more time because of Waze’s infrastructure.

Just as an aside, I really enjoy the names of all of these Iranian ministries and committees. Committee for Determining Criminal Web Content? Who comes up with these names?

But back to the story. Perhaps Iran should just ban all computers and mobile devices, given the Zionist entity’s hand behind the tech that goes into them.

Someone who won’t be happy about this news (besides regular Iranians, I assume) is the owner of this YouTube channel:

Meanwhile, Iranian drivers are reputedly really, really bad.

Iran has a very high rate of traffic accidents, the second highest cause of mortality in the country. Drivers throughout Iran tend to ignore traffic lights, traffic signs, and lane markers. Urban streets are not well lit; it is therefore particularly dangerous to drive at night. Sidewalks in urban areas exist only on main roads and are usually obstructed by parked cars. In residential areas, few sidewalks exist. Drivers almost never yield to pedestrians at crosswalks. If you are involved in an accident, no matter how minor, do not leave the scene; wait until the police arrive to file a report.

So having them not know where they are going – or perhaps using those old-style physical road maps – can only make things worse. Such a distraction could divert energy and resources away from their nuclear program. This may have been our diabolical plan all along. Bwaaaaaaa!

Plus by the looks of it, they could really also do with Mobileye (another Israeli company). Just saying.

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