Italy Denies Entry to Terrorist Leila Khaled


Only months after she received a warm applause for her genocidal, antisemitic speech in the European Parliament, unrepentant terrorist Leila Khaled has been turfed out of Italy’s Leonardo da Vinci airport on her evil tushy.

And boy are her supporters fuming.

A statement by the Arab Palestinian Democratic Union (UDAP)

Today, Tuesday, 28 November 2017, Leila Khaled was stopped at Leonardo da Vinci – Rome Fiumicino Airport. The Palestinian leader was denied entry to Italy and forced to depart on the next flight to Amman.

This incident took place following repeated and extensive media attacks and intense pressure by the Zionist lobby in Italy. In the days before her arrival, many newspapers published sensationalist and defamatory articles about the tour of Leila Khaled in Italy.

The forced repatriation of comrade Leila Khaled is only a demonstration of the failure of Italian institutions and their inability to escape Zionist blackmail. It is clear how much they fear this clear, free and consistent voice. Leila Khaled had a visa to Europe that was revoked here, in Rome, at landing. Less than a month ago, she was in Spain and Belgium and held a conference in the European Parliament.

Despite the pressures, defamations and provocations, despite the deportation imposed on our comrade by the Italian authorities, the Arab-Palestinian Democratic Union (UDAP) will continue to hold its events, during which Leila Khaled will speak with us over a live video link.

The “Fifty Years of Resistance” events are still confirmed.

Grazie, Italia!

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