Bryan Adams Has Israeli Audience in Heaven with Hits and Hebrew


As I posted a few days ago, I was very curious about Bryan Adams’ concert tour of Israel, given his previous super-critical tweets about Israel. And truth be told, I was wondering if he would throw in some of that politics during his shows.

The first show was last night, and by all reports, there was no politics. Just a high energy performance very much appreciated by the crowd, with some Hebrew – and this sentimental dedication to his now-deceased Jewish writing partner thrown in.

“Michael was a Jewish fella, and I know if I told him that I was playing in Israel he would have wanted to be here tonight”

From the Times of Israel review:

It was a full 10 minutes into his first concert in Israel before Bryan Adams hollered out the unfailing “Shalom, Tel Aviv” at the audience in the coastal city, to rip-roaring cheers.

Above all, the 58-year-old singer (he was only 9 years old in that famous summer of ’69) put on an electric and remarkably youthful show, with neither vocals or energy faltering as he bounded about the stage, jumping with his guitar, kicking, raising his voice in his rocker’s rasp, or flinging a harmonica to the back of the stage.

“Tazizu et hatachat!” he yelled out, after receiving help from the audience with how to say “Move your ass” in Hebrew.

The Jerusalem Post adds:

The Canadian rocker belted out hit after hit to the sold out crowd of 12,000 strong who sang along to every word.

But on some softer numbers, and especially when it was just Adams and his guitar, his signature sexy, raspy voice was as strong as ever. Adams had clearly received a rudimentary Hebrew lesson to utter not just the requisite “Shalom Tel Aviv” but also “hakol sababa” and “toda raba.”

Adams didn’t drop a word or hint of politics during Monday night’s show, and it didn’t matter. He had the crowd hooked from the first “shalom.” After completing the rocking setlist, including “This Time,” “Please Stay,” “Cloud Number 9,” “The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You” and “18 Til I Die,” Adams still wasn’t done. He returned to the stage for a four-song encore, which included an acoustic “Straight From the Heart” that had the crowd swooning.

And I’d say Adams appreciated his fans here.

Leaving the gig tonight in Tel Aviv #bryanadamsultimate #bryanadamsgetup

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