Confused Anti-Israel Nincompoop of the Day: Joan Meisel of JVP


Last night, I received the following email in my inbox:

Wow! I receive the occasional money donation, but never stocks. I was rather pleased, but somewhat confused by the B’tselem reference at the end – I put it down to sarcasm or a weird sense of humor.

When I quizzed Joan Meisel about it, I received the following email:

Now I was intrigued (and disappointed I would not be receiving any stock, I must say!). So I did the Google thing, and discovered that Joan Meisel is a member of anti-Israel organization Jewish Voice of Peace!

It seems poor Joan must have been really confused. And to think if I had not questioned her B’tselem reference, I may have just been the first Israel advocate and fierce critic of JVP to receive stock from one of their members!

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