Attention Israel Advocates: Plagiarism Is Still Not Cool!


I have long complained about the scourge of plagiarism, especially among fellow Israel advocates. As someone who invests much time, effort and thought into my posts, it particularly irks me that others shameless rip the work and pass it off as their own. And in many (but not all) cases, the offenders try to elicit donations for their pro-Israel work.

Being on the same side or otherwise doing good work promoting the right messages is no excuse for stealing.

And it continues unabated.

Following yesterday’s near-lynch in Jenin, StandWithUs posted a clever juxtaposition

I have since seen the same post posted by a number of other people – but not directly shared from StandWithUs, or even with a hat-tip to them.

Again, clever posts with the right message. And also stolen.

If you are someone who employs this practice (and this may include those who do not even realize this is what they are doing), please just stop. Either share the posts of the originators of the work, or at the very least attribute it to them with a link.

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