Palestinians Planning Mass Action to Destroy Chances of Peace And Provoke Israel Into Shooting at Them


As part of their latest propaganda campaign against the Jewish state, the palestinians are planning a “March of Return” towards Israel’s borders – in an attempt to destroy Donald Trump’s attempts at “deal of the century” (i.e a peace deal).

And they are hoping that it will trigger their own to be shot!

The March of Return to destroy deal of the century

Despite Tel Aviv’s clear plan not to show its concerns about the March of Return which Palestinians are organising to take place soon, and which includes a huge mass mobilisation towards the borders between the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948 and those occupied in 1967, all indicators show that the Zionist decision-making circles are dealing with this development as a first degree political and security threat.

The official television channel Kan revealed on Friday that the Security Cabinet had listened to various reports and estimates from Israeli security and intelligence institutions about the upcoming march and its various repercussions.

It is clear that Tel Aviv is dealing with the event as the embodiment of its worst nightmares because of the potential energy it contains, especially in terms of affecting Israel’s international standing, as the ability of the occupation army to deal with large masses of defenceless civilians will be limited. The use of military weapons to attempt to disperse the march can indicate the collapse of the security situation in full, while Tel Aviv won’t be able to market its use of such weapons internationally.

Adding to the complexity of the situation for the Zionists is the fact that setting the date of the march to be the day the Trump administration moves the US embassy to occupied Jerusalem carries with it an additional opportunity to ignite the security situation in the West Bank. Hence, Palestinian protests against the transfer of the embassy will expand the public reaction to the military responses to the march.

Bonus depravity: there is another one planned for Passover eve – but we already knew that is a favorite time of year for them.

If only they spent so much time and energy on doing something productive.

Update: Meanwhile, the ISM, who claim to support peace and a two-state solution, are promoting this anti-peace initiative.

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