French Mayor’s Vile Act of Hatred Towards Israel


The mayor of Bezons, France (located about 8 miles from the center of Paris), Dominique Lespare, has inaugurated “Nakba” alley, to commemorate the “disaster” that the establishment of the state of Israel represents to the palestinian Arabs.


I don’t speak French but I can tell what the placard says, more or less.

“In memory of the expulsion of the 800,000 Palestinians and the destruction of the 532 villages in 1948 by the war criminal David Ben Gurion for the creation of the State of Israel”

Besides being clearly one-sided (“war criminal” David Ben Gurion?), it is also a lie. For a start, the Arabs themselves estimated the number of refugees at more than 700,000 – not 800,000. Incidentally, the figure of 800,000 more accurately represents the number of Jews displaced from Arab lands following Israel’s establishment.

But even more than that: As I have posted before, while there were expulsions (as can happen during wartime with a hostile population), many of the 700,000 Arab refugees were ordered or advised by their fellow Arabs to abandon their homes. There were also those who fled in fear.

Dominique Lespare’s actions are just yet another manifestation of extreme hatred towards Israel, which ignores readily available information that shows the palestinian narrative to be based on lies. One can speculate why Lespare did what he did, but ignorance is no excuse.

So pardon my French, but he can go f— himself.

(Yeah, f—- = frog)

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