WATCH: Zionist Distractor of Doomᵀᴹ Puts Iranian Player off his Game


I am being tongue-in-cheek, although I am sure the Iranian regime will actually somehow blame Israel for this:


MILAD MOHAMMADI bizarrely attempted a somersault thrown-in during the dying stages of Iran’s defeat to Spain.

The 24-year-old kissed the ball and pointed to the sky before he tried to send the ball into the box.

Despite landing the flip, the Iran substitute got his execution all wrong and had to retake the throw.

Mohammadi lost his nerve and then decided to throw the ball backwards and not into the penalty area.

As a result, Spain had time to organise themselves and they easily dealt with the attack – Mohammadi wasted almost 30 seconds with time running out.

But don’t worry, Iranian people. We still love you.


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