Anti-Israel Birthright Brat Elon Glickman Displays Embarrassing Ignorance


Now This has posted video of one of the anti-Israel birthright brats (Elon Glickman) complaining about a map they were given, because it did not mention the West Bank.

Glickman also tweeted the map:

Sorry, that’s not “1984 shit.” That is 1759 shit:

(Glickman really looks like the shape outlined in bold on the 1759 map by the way).

Glickman and the other Israel haters who took the free Birthright trip really could have done with the education while there were here. They clearly lack an even basic understanding of the history of this land – and who conquered who.

Meanwhile, having achieved their fundraising goal of $10,000, the brats have now upped it to $18,000.

As of the time of this post, they have raised over $13,000.

Meanwhile, Glickman had been tweeting anti-Israel propaganda since early 2017. I hope Birthright does better background checks on its potential participants in future.

Update: As Tasha pointed out on Twitter, the map legend mentions West Bank and areas A, B and C.

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