Israel Hater Engages in Priceless Dumbassery


The BDS-holes have been out in full force, trying to get artists slated to perform at Israel’s Meteor Festival to cancel. And while they have had some success – for instance, Lana Del Rey unfortunately just succumbed to the bullying – this does not take away from the fact that many of these haters have also boycotted their brains.

Take the nincompoop behind the Twitter account Days of Palestine, who tweeted this earlier, only to delete the tweet after being made to realize..well, have a look at it!

The man pictured in the tweet is actor David Schwimmer, who played a character called Ross Geller in the show Friends. The hater obviously heard a guy called Ross from Friends had refused to play at the festival, not realizing he is a British DJ… as opposed to a FICTIONAL CHARACTER!

Quick call a doctor. This hater needs their head examined!

(For the record, David Schwimmer does not boycott Israel).

Thanks to Harry R for the find, and the screenshot.

Update: Ross Geller doesn’t boycott Israel either (hat tip: Judean Peoples Front).

Update: Another nincompoop!


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