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Alan Parsons Proud to be Speaking at Anti-BDS Event

I know if I lived in California, I would definitely attend.

Vancouver Sun Shamelessly Promotes Roger Waters BDS Event

A fully blown advertisement for an Israel bashing event

BDS Fail: Toronto Palestine Film Festival Showing Israeli Films!

TPFF has defied BDS, showing 5 films from Israel

Further Proof BDS Supports Destruction of Israel

While we can laugh at their lame dance moves and terrible singing, what they stand for is terrifying

Huge BDS Fail: Turkish Cyclist Joins Israeli Team

You read that correctly

WATCH: The Worst BDS Flash Mob Fails

I should probably apologize for this video but the pull of mocking these nincompoops proved too hard to resist.

Palestinian Students Scholarship Fund Did Not Get The BDS Memo

This is definitely BDS fail of the day. Probably the week. Maybe the year. 

WATCH: Delicious BDS Fails

Yesterday's BDS fail at the TLV in LDN festival inspired me to think about some other great BDS fails of the past

BDS Fail of the Day: Resistance (to Chocolate) is Futile Edition

Israeli chef Shaul Ben Aderet handing out free desserts to anti-Israel protesters

Spectacular BDS Fail Kicks Off in London

London Tel Aviv Festival (TLV in LDN)

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