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Manchester BDS-Holes Boycott BBC Documentary…For Being Too Pro-Israel!

Manchester student BDS-holes are boycotting a documentary by - wait for it - the BBC, claiming - wait for it - it will be pro-Israel! I can't wait for it!

BDS Chickpea Brains at University of Manchester Suffer From Premature Jubilation

The University of Manchester BDS Campaign celebrate a victory - causing Sabra hummus to be removed from the campus shop Or did they?

Further Bad News for BDS-Holes: Cristiano Ronaldo Teams Up With Israel’s MDA

"I'm excited about joining forces with Abbott Israel and MDA's campaign"

Another BDS Group Gets Sloppy With the Jew Hatred

BDS Nederland seem to want to outdo their predecessors BDS Amsterdam, when it comes to antisemitism and offensiveness

WATCH: Hideously Antisemitic BDS-Holes Forget They Are Supposed to Hide their Jew Hatred

A group of BDS-holes have staged a bizarre protest at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And the Jew hatred is there for all to see

NZ BDS-Holes Behind WOMAD Boycott Campaign Are Real Pieces of Work

More on those calling for the boycott of Israeli Victoria Hanna

BDS-Holes in New Zealand Show Their Bigotry

Bigotry, plain and simple

BDS-Holes Cry About Taste of their Own Medicine

Yet more hypocrisy from BDS

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