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Natalie Portman Distances Herself From BDS Movement in Explanation of Her Recent Decision

In her explanation of her decision, Portman has gone out of her way to distance herself from the BDS movement and what they stand for

BDS Fail: The Palestinian Mayor Moonlighting As Sales Rep For Israeli Company

The mayor of Beit Jala, near Bethlehem, admitted that he also works as a sales representative for Tnuva

Attention BDS-Holes: Just Do It

NIKE has just purchased Israeli computer vision company Invertex

BDS Now Targeting ‘Fauda’, A Series That Shows Human Face of Palestinians

The BDS-holes are now setting their sights on Israeli TV show Fauda, an international hit being shown on Netflix

SodaStream’s Brilliant Move To Counter BDS Vandals

I think this is a brilliant move, considering how many times we have seen BDS-holes affixing their own boycott stickers to Israeli products

André Rieu Plays World’s Smallest Violin for Whining BDS-Holes

Fresh from their post yesterday proclaiming a fake victory over the evil forces of Sabra Humus, comes yet another fail from the people who brought back Nazi era boycotts of Jewish businesses

BDS Movement Knowingly Promote A Fake “Victory”

Of course, the BDS-holes lie about everything, whether it be their true goals, or their claims about Israel. So it is not surprising they would lie about this as well.

BDS Movement Statement on International Women’s Day Says It All

Yesterday, on International Women's Day, the BDS movement released a following statement that reveals all you need to know about this insidious movement

Manchester BDS-Holes Boycott BBC Documentary…For Being Too Pro-Israel!

Manchester student BDS-holes are boycotting a documentary by - wait for it - the BBC, claiming - wait for it - it will be pro-Israel! I can't wait for it!

BDS Chickpea Brains at University of Manchester Suffer From Premature Jubilation

The University of Manchester BDS Campaign celebrate a victory - causing Sabra hummus to be removed from the campus shop Or did they?

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