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Pallywood of the Day: The Golden Oldie

Another palestinian propaganda fabrication

Pallywood ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’ Propaganda

Pallywood strikes again

Pallywood’s Most Explosive Contributions of the Decade

As the world greets the New Year 2020, Pallywood can proudly look back at a decade of disproportionate contributions to humanity.

Palestinians Accuse Israel of Pallywood

The Palestinian Information Center has posted a tweeted by antisemite Ali "Abumination" Abunimah, taking the Israeli government's Absorption Ministry to task for making up fake immigrants.

Pallywood Gets Its Ridiculous On Again

Once again, the only thing butchered here is the truth

Pallywood: The Fall Guy Edition

What do you think? I am calling this as Pallywood.

Pakistani Pallywood

You have to Marvel at their lame-brained attempts to pull the wool over our eyes.

The 2019 Pallywood Oscars

What the world is really lacking are an Oscars Awards for the palestinians, which is a travesty of justice given some of the amazing performances we have seen

Pallywood or Bust

Israel hate site Electronic Intifada has a report about Gazan women in the special makeup effects field.

WATCH: Pallywood Blood Libel: The Case of the Man With Down Syndrome

Countering the pernicious lies being disseminated.

Yet More Pallywood! Magic Bullet Edition

One bullet that can make multiple palestinians go down writing in pain. Without any sign of blood, mind you.

Ridiculous Pallywood of the Day

For today's Pallywood, the palestinians have literally gone to Hollywood


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