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WATCH: Andrew Bolt with David Adler of Australian Jewish Association

Another worthwhile watch, despite Andrew Bolt being completely wrong about one thing

WATCH: Andrew Bolt Rips Media for Ignoring Hamas Call for Mass Murder of Jews

Andrew Bolt proves he gets it yet again - and is willing to speak out loudly and clearly against media complicity in hiding palestinian terrorism and antisemitism.

WATCH: Andrew Bolt Cuts Through the Boycott Eurovision BS

As usual, Australian commentator Andrew Bolt gets it.

WATCH: Andrew Bolt on The Antisemitism of the Left

Like Rowan Dean, whose recent video I posted earlier today, Andrew Bolt is an Australian commentator and staunch supporter of Israel and the Jewish people. His latest video won't hurt that perception.

MUST LISTEN: Steve Price & Andrew Bolt Defend Israel, Rip The Israel Haters &...

Steve and Andrew deal with some "anti-Zionist" callers (and some of whom are clearly antisemitic)

MUST WATCH: Andrew Bolt: What Those Criticizing Israel Are Really Saying is ‘Let’s Have...

With all the bad press and news, I find it heartening listening to those who actually get it.

LISTEN: Israeli Brigadier General Gal Hirsch Discusses Israel & War on Terror With Andrew...

There are not many journalists who understand what Israel (and the world) is facing like Andrew Bolt

WATCH: The Bolt Report on Ari Fuld Murder and Eurovision Boycott Attempts

The wonderful Andrew Bolt recently spoke to Australian Jewish politician Michael Danby about the murder of Ari Fuld z"l, as well as BDS-hole hypocrisy towards Israel

MUST WATCH: Bolt Hits The Nail On The Head..Again

Andrew Bolt has again shown his ability to cut through the BS and get to the root of Islamic terrorism

Bolt Hits The Nail On The Head

With a lot of ugliness coming out of the Australian media, it is great to have people like Andrew Bolt talking good old fashioned truth and common sense

WATCH: Sky News Australia’s Chris Kenny on Bon Jovi Rejecting BDS to Play in...

From Sky News Australia, which has also given us the great Andrew Bolt and Rowan Dean, among others.

WATCH: Aussie Journalist Sharri Markson: “Israel Is The Shining Light”

Some refreshingly pro-Israel statements in the Australian media


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