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George Galloway Claims Labour and Corbyn Antisemitism Allegations Are All “Because of Palestine”

George Galloway has come out in support of Corbyn, and claimed the accusations of antisemitism are nothing more than a witch hunt because of his support for the palestinian Arabs

WATCH: ‘Corbyn Destroyer’ Andrew Neil on Antisemitism on the Far Left

Andrew Neil, the Scottish journalist and broadcaster who has gained more recognition for his stellar work in putting Jeremy Corbyn in the hot seat, spoke about the rise of antisemitism on the far left in his Holocaust Educational Trust Appeal Dinner speech in October 2017.

WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn’s Antisemitism Cannot Be Contained

Jeremy Corbyn has mis-pronounced the name of notorious society paedophile Jeffrey Epstein to make him sound more Jewish

WATCH: Peak Corbyn Response to Question on Antisemitism of the Left

In a recent interview with Sky News, UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was questioned extensively about antisemitism within the party. His response to a question regarding whether some on the Left "have a blind spot on antisemitism" is peak Corbyn.

Where Even (Mr) Wikipedia Can Find ‘No Words’ Over Jeremy Corbyn’s Antisemitism

Jeremy Corbyn tweets his support for an antisemite - and Jimmy Wales is speechless

Where Even Israel Hater and Corbyn Ally Billy Bragg Thinks UK Labor Has Antisemitism...

When someone like Bragg admits Labor has an antisemitism problem, surely they do.

Luciana Berger, Victim of Corbyn Labour Party Antisemitism, Gives Birth to an Instant Zionist

Luciana Berger, the former UK Labour MP (now Independent) and victim of Corbyn Labour party antisemitism, has had a newborn son.

WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn Floundering In Face of Questions About His Antisemitism

To say that Corbyn's performance during this interview was less than reassuring for the Jewish community is an understatement.

Former Canadian PM Stephen Harper Rips Jeremy Corbyn & Antisemitism of the Left

This is one of the most glorious rippings of Jeremy Corbyn and the far Left I have ever seen.

WATCH: Antisemitism Most Horrid at ‘Corbyn, Antisemitism & Palestine’ Event

Last night, our friends from the Israel Advocacy Movement tried to enter an event called "Corbyn, Antisemitism and Justice For Palestine' in central London." Watch what happens.

WATCH: Actress Maureen Lipman Rips Jeremy Corbyn and Labour Antisemitism

Maureen Lipman, acclaimed British actress and staunch supporter of Israel, interviewed by Sky News following a rally against antisemitism held outside Labour headquarters


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