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BBC’s Jon Donnison Takes Time Out From Australia To Slam Israel

Jon Donnison sees damaged buildings, a fair observer would see something else all around.

Jon Donnison: Naive Fool Or Terrorist Shill?

You say Jehad, I say Jihad, Jehad, Jihad, lets call the whole thing lies.

The Jerusalem Post Pulled A JonDonnison

Jerusalem post print shopped image on front page

BBC’s Jon Donnison Summoned Out Of Gaza

Time to pay the piper Mr Jon Donnison.

How To Spot Fauxtography Like A Pro: Reverse Image Search And Other Tricks

Spot the fauxtography. Like a boss.

Latest Palestinian Fauxtography Uncovered By..

It looks like rockets are not the only airborne objects we are seeing. I just spotted a pig. With wings.

Media Fall For Cheap Palestinian Pope Photo-Op

All in a day's work for the Palestinian propaganda machine

CNN Fail To Correct Misharawi Report

Don't let the CNN's sloppy journalism slip under the radar

Lower Standard of Douche

Anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein once again demonstrates what he's all about

6 Broken Bones

Israel is guilty until proven innocent.

Israel Exercising Democracy Is The Perfect Time For BBC Hounds To Bash It

Impartial, balanced and fair reporting need not apply

Live-Blogging Jerusalem Snow 2013 Day Two #Shelegeddon

Day two of snow across Israel and #shelegeddon

Truth Hurts, Doesn’t It, Paul?

Paul Danahar pulled a JonDonnison


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