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Scenes From The Latest Gaza Mall

We knew it was coming, but now we get to see the new Andaluseyya Gaza mall in all its glory

Gaza Mall: The Next Generation

Watch out Gaza mall. An even bigger and better one is being planned.
gaza mall

More Scenes From the Gaza Mall

More scenes of despair from the "concentration camp" called Gaza
gaza mall

Scenes From the Gaza Mall

While Hamas and their willing accomplices in the mainstream media and anti-Israel organizations continue to perpetuate the lie that Gaza is a "concentration camp", here are images they do not want you to see.

Corona-what? As Gazans Enjoy Themselves at New Shopping Mall

With the Israel-haters constantly complaining the locked-up Gazans have nowhere to go in the face of coronavirus, they have at least one place to go, apparently.

Scenes From “Concentration Camp” Gaza’s New Mall

Just like Auschwitz.

New Mall To Soon Open In “Concentration Camp” Gaza

Another luxury mall coming soon

A Small Word on What is Happening in Gaza

To those of you wondering why I have been relatively quiet in the face of the expulsion of Jews from their homes in Gaza,...

A Taste Of “Concentration Camp” Gaza: Al-Raed Luxury Apartments

Funny how I have not seen any crowdfunding campaigns to help purchase any of these new "concentration camp barracks" for Gaza "inmates." 

Gazans Continue to Be Their Own Worst Enemies When It Comes to Preventing the...

Gazans are not acting responsibly when it comes to social distancing and other measures to curtail the spread of the virus.

Hamas-Run Health Ministry Admits Gazan Doctors Being Trained by Israel

The Hamas-run Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip has admitted that dozens of doctors from the Strip have been trained in recent weeks by Israeli doctors to deal with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic

Scam “Gaza” Fundraising Campaigns Sprouting Up; Is Hamas Behind Them?

In recent times, a number of crowdfunding campaigns, supposedly for poor people in Gaza, have arisen. I say supposedly, because they seem to be scams


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