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Return of the Killer Tonge

Do you remember Jenny Tonge, the British MP who stated that she would consider becoming a suicide bomber if she were a PLO Arab? Well, she is up to her old antics again, this time doing her darndest to support the ...

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British MP Jenny Tonge, who was sacked from the front-bench after she expressed support for PLO Arab suicide bombers, was invited by the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme to meet families and victims of suicide bombers. But instead of empathizing ...

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Jenny Tonge has some cheek. It was bad enough that she stated that she would consider becoming a suicide bomber if she were a PLO Arab. But to make matters worse, she is completely unrepentant. Dr Tonge, who has already ...

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The Day In Israel: Wednesday April 28th, 2010

Ehud Barak Hillary Clinton

Yesterday’s big joke: Hamas claiming it has morals. Today’s big joke? The French lecturing on acceptable and not acceptable behavior. Sarkozy: Netanyahu’s foot dragging on peace process is unacceptable In a meeting with Israeli President Shimon Peres, French President Nicolas ...

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The Day In Israel: Sunday Feb 14th, 2010

Liberal Democrat frontbencher Baroness Jenny Tonge was yesterday sacked as the party’s health spokeswoman in the House of Lords after she urged that Israel set up an inquiry if it wants to refute allegations that its medical teams in Haiti ...

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The Day In Israel: Thursday Feb 11th, 2010

jenny tonge

According to senior defense officials, the US is considering storing in Israel some of the equipment and ammunition that is pulled out of Iraq. Ahead of the United States’s planned withdrawal from Iraq, American military teams have visited Israel to ...

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The Gits of Britain

Here’s what I found just today, by scanning blogs and the news..   First up, we have former BBC Mideast reporter Tim Llewellyn showing the world his pro-PLO Arab bias. Electronic Intifada interviewed former BBC Mideast reporter Tim Llewellyn, who ...

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