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Screenshotting My Old Tweets is Racist, by Linda Sarsour

A "guest post" by Linda Sarsour

Linda Sarsour One of Speakers at Antisemitism Event

Sorry Linda and company, but being antisemitic does not make you experts on antisemitism

Cutting Costs, The Forward Now Just Links Straight to Linda Sarsour’s Twitter Feed

It just made sense to cut out the middleman and bring Linda's woke tweets directly to the Forward's woke audience

Linda Sarsour Once Again Flat-Out Lying

She truly is shameless

WATCH: Linda Sarsour Again Compares Zionists To White Supremacists and Racists

Faux feminist Linda Sarsour is yet again using her platform to demonize those who support Israel

Linda Sarsour’s Epic Dumbassery

Not so "woke" after all

Linda Sarsour Caught in Another Colorful Lie

The white woman of color

Believe it Or Not: Linda Sarsour Called a “Zionist Shill”

By Britain's Channel 4's Muslim role model, no less

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