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Israeli Government Press Office Presents…..Luke Baker?!

A new video by the Israeli GPO has me scratching my head

Luker Baker of Reuters Continues to Demonize Israel

In the wake of the Paris attacks, Luke Baker cherry picks negative things to share about Israel

Where Even Reuters Can’t Deny How Israel Is Helping Syrian Wounded

Bonus: Even Luke Baker tweeted it

Another Deceitful Reuters Israel Headline

Reuters should be reprimanded and Luke Baker should answer for his team’s work.

Palestinian And Israeli Children Dress-Up – Not The Same Thing

Luke Baker's latest moral equivalence

Reuters Again Uproots The Truth

More lies and half-truths from Reuters

Media Misses The Real Point With Palestinian Pool-Gate Story

The media have not been asking the right question

Kay Wilson’s Story Makes Headlines At Huge Personal Cost

Israel is swamped with foreign journalists who all, with monotonous group think, avoid stories which don’t fit their ideological biases.

Dog Journalism

Old and busted: Man bites dog New hotness: Bibi's dog bites 2 people


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