Monday, February 8, 2016

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On The First Day Of Christmas Shirley Temper Said To Me

I guess it is no surprise that among all the instances of palestinians co-opting Christmas, Shirley Temper and gang would be involved

Shirley Temper’s Idolization of Terrorists

Not just a propaganda tool

Diaa Hadid Does Shirley Temper

The poster child for Palestinian child abuse is photographed by the latest lethal journalist for the New York Times

Shirley Temper And Friends Working On New Movie

Shirley's acting career is really taking off

Shirley Temper And Brother Follow The Script

Further evidence the Tamimi children are being trained for the cameras

WATCH: Pro Palestinian Admits Shirley Temper Is A Fraud

Where Israellycool even convinces a pro palestinian

Shirley Temper Is Real And Really Dangerous

The IDF needs the equivalent of an elite crowd control unit

Shirley Temper Tries Getting Herself Red-Carded

An own goal for the Israel haters

Younis The Menace Follows In Shirley Temper’s Footsteps

From the makers of Shirley TemperTM comes the latest in exploited palestinian kids put in potential harm's way by their parents
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