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The Zionist Attack Zoo Adds a New Member

Longtime readers of my blog have seen a menagerie of animals that have one thing in common: Palestinian Arabs have blamed these Zionist animals...

Latest Libel: Zionist Death Hyenasᵀᴹ

Yet another ridiculous libel against the Jewish state

WATCH: Future Zionist Roadkill Of Doomᵀᴹ

Thanks for the inspiration, Al Jizz!

Zionist Dolphin Of Doom™

So long and thanks for all the intelligence!

Horny Zionists Of DoomTM Unleashed

This happened

Zionist Lesbian Penguins Of DoomTM

Pink penguin washing, y'all

Zionist Death BaboonTM Kidnaps Cute Kitty

..and steals its food

Open Thread: Zionist Death Cat Edition

I haven't had a spare moment to blog today, so I am going to try the old "post a photo of a really cute cat" trick.

The Zionist War Against The Animal Kingdom

An intrepid palestinian blogger has outed our Zionist Animal Incarceration Program, otherwise known as Zionist AIP.

Zionist Death Dung

The ridiculous IMEMC "reports:" The Israeli army dispersed the weekly nonviolent protest located in Bil'in village north of the West Bank city of Ramallah on...

Israel-Haters Show THEIR True Face in Trying to Misrepresent Israel’s

A few days ago, this video was disseminated by the Israel-haters, to show the "true face" of the Jewish state/Israel/Zionist

WATCH: Linda Sarsour’s Clumsy Way of Saying “Jews”

Linda's at it again, this time in a Zoom session in which she spoke about those trying to delegitimize leaders in their movement.

WATCH: Roger Waters Attacks Artists Playing in Israel as ‘Pricks’; Engages in Antisemitic Trope...

I'll save you having to endure the full 43 minutes (it is painful); I have distilled the the "best" bits


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