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  • vonrock

    I like reading your blog, but I’m boycotting you. Nothing to do with politics. It’s the AdChoices advertisements that show revolting pictures of toe fungus. They gross me out. There is one right next to me typing this.

    I have never typed toe or fungus or anything even remotely like that into a search engine. These adds are popping up a lot and I find them so revolting to look at (especially while eating at the computer) that I can’t do it any longer. I’ve tried contacting google add sense about it, but hey hide themselves really well. I have sent emails to the company that the adds are promoting but get no replies. So I”m left with boycotting. Sorry. I like your blog but as soon as I’m done writing this I’m pulling you out of my bookmarks. Maybe I’ll find my way back here again someday. Maybe not. I realize this is completely out of your control and I am sorry that these adds have made your web page into a disgusting, gross visual image. All the best, Good bye.

    • Aussie Dave

      Instead of “boycotting”, can you please let me know the URl of the site to which the ads go so i can block them from adsense?

      • Jim_from_Iowa

        Toe fungus ads are the worst, so anything you can do to block them would be appreciated, Dave. While you’re at it, could you block comments that call me names or even disagree with me? It would make life better for me, I think. Thank you.

  • Ofer

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  • Pieter

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