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An Aussie immigrant to Israel, Aussie Dave is founder and managing editor of Israellycool, one of the world's most popular pro-Israel blogs (and the one you are currently reading) He is a happy family man, and a lover of steak, Australian sports and girlie drinks

The ADL & Various Pro-Israel Campus Groups Pander to the Haters

A number of pro-Israel campus organizations, as well as the ADL, have gone after Canary Mission, an organization that documents people and groups that promote hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews on North American college campuses

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: Concrete Thinking

Our resident cartoonist Zionist Pugs again takes on the terrorists of Hamas

Twitter Rejects My Appeal, Threatens Suspension

Things are going from bad to worse for me on Twitter

The Greatest Thing I Have Seen in the New York Times In, Like, Forever

At the bottom of a New York Times article about Campbell Brown, leader of Facebook's news partnerships team, appears this correction

WATCH: Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean “I Wanted to Move Here [Israel], Like, Yesterday”

The Boys made their adoration for the country clear

What Was a Deaf & Mute Palestinian Teen Doing at Violent Riots?

The death of palestinian teen Tahrir Wahba from wounds sustained at recent "March of Return" riots, is instructive

Natalie Portman Lied About Genesis Prize Pullout; Really Did Blame Israel For Gaza Deaths

It turns out Portman was lying, at least according to Israeli journalist Amit Segal, who claims to have seen email correspondence between her and the Genesis Prize Foundation.

Palestinians Despairing Israel Withdrew From Gaza (Making It Harder to Maim Us)

Some palestinians are in despair because - wait for it - Israel withdrew from Gaza, making it harder for them to hurt our soldiers!

Malaysian Police Release Photos of Suspected Killers of Hamas Terrorist

Malaysian police on Monday released computer generated photographs of two men suspected of gunning down a Palestinian man in Kuala Lumpur

Richard Silverstein Humiliates Himself Again. Must Be A Day Ending in a ‘Y’

When your previous tweets contradict your claims by Richard Silverstein

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