Thursday, February 11, 2016
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Aussie Dave

An Aussie immigrant to Israel, Aussie Dave is founder and managing editor of Israellycool, one of the world's most popular pro-Israel blogs (and the one you are currently reading) He is a happy family man, and a lover of steak, Australian sports and girlie drinks

Roger Waters’ Support Of Palestinian Violence As A ‘Moral Duty’

Roger Waters: putting the rock into rock'n'roll

Know Your History: Arab Boycott, 1945

Introducing a new series where I bring to you news from the newspaper archives to debunk common misconceptions about the Middle East conflict

WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo Stars in Israeli Advertisement

FINALLY putting those rumors of him being anti-Israel to rest

Separated At Birth: Who’s The Boss Edition

For those who remember the 80s

Ma’an News’ Flying Pig Moment

Today's ethnic cleansing and genocide fail

Chris Gunness’ Bizarre, Obvious Lie

It seems Chris cannot keep track of his porky pies

The Guardian’s Unhealthy Obsession With Hating On Israel

Today's example of media bias

She Loves Us Not

Who is this girl with the I Love You t-shirt?

For Which “Behavioral and Moral Excesses” Did Hamas Execute One Of Their Own?

My theories as to the possible things the Hamashole may have done to seal his fate

Richard Silverstein Trivializes Burning Of Torah Scrolls

Never failing to fail at being a decent human being

WATCH: PA Official: “Do We Have To Hijack Your Planes & Destroy Your Airports...

It's amazing how they open up when the interview is in Arabic and not for Western audiences
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