Israellycool » Judge Dan Down Under Punditry in the Middle East Wed, 01 Jul 2015 19:57:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The World According To UNHRC Condemnation Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:58:57 +0000 UN Watch put out the following list of all the times the UN Human Rights Council (UNHCR) has condemned every country in the world. There’s one stand out.

Now if counties size were in proportion to the evilness with which the UNHCR thinks they’re associated, the world would look pretty weird.
UNHRC world

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Terror-ble Palestinian Kindergarten Plays Wed, 27 May 2015 18:44:00 +0000 A couple of days ago I posted about the Palestinian Islamic Jihad themed Kindergarten play in Gaza, thinking it was a unique display of sickening indoctrination.

I was wrong.

The following video was posted on a Palestinian group‘s Facebook page, soon thereafter saved and reuploaded by the user “Arabist” before it was deleted by the source.

קצת “אופטימיות”.וידאו שצולם היום בבית חנינא, צפונית לירושלים: סוף הצגה בגן ילדים לקראת היציאה לחופש הגדול. בסצינה ילד פלסטיני מצביע על ילד אחר בתמורה לכסף מחייל צה”ל. לאחר שהחייל יורה והורג את אחד הילדים, מדקלמים שאר הילדים טקסט בעד דת האסלאם והמולדת ונגד משתפי הפעולה הבוגדים בפלסטין תמורת בצע כסף.בסוף הקטע מרימים הילדים תמונות אסירים בטחוניים בכירים כגון עבאס א-סייד, מתכנן פיגוע מלון “פארק” ומרוואן ברגותי, מנהיג גדודי חללי אל-אקצא שנידון לחמישה מאסרי עולם.

Posted by ‎ערביסט – عربيست‎ on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

“Arabist” writes:

A bit of “optimism”

A video taken today in Beit Hanina, Jerusalem: The final minutes of a kindergarten play before the summer break. In the scene, a Palestinian child is pointing at a different kid in exchange for receiving money from an IDF soldier. After the soldier shoots and kills one of the kids, the others recite Islamic and nationalistic texts, as well as text against collaborators who betray Palestine out of greed. At the end of the clip, the children raise pictures of senior Palestinin prisoners like Abbas a-Sayyid, planner of the “Park Hotel” Passover massacre, and Marwan Barghouti, leader of al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades sentenced to 5 life terms.

1546315_1639352569613505_3560280137173352250_n 11329796_1639352572946838_163617049506639333_n


There have been other militaristic displays in the past week, like this from Ein Arik west of Ramallah.

1517841_1602105813399121_3290253672228535710_n 10460276_926703970726928_3568333538723631435_n

There’s a new generation of kids being corrupted at an early age to hate. The Dar al-Hekma school is located inside the Jerusalem city limits, and as such is technically Israeli. Yet even being open to Israel and having school trips to the Safari in Ramat Gan is no guarantee of teaching its pupil to not hate Jews or want to kill them.

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Gaza Kindergarten Play From Hell Sun, 24 May 2015 20:55:42 +0000 Kindergarten graduation ceremonies are in general cute and adorable. Nothing beats dressing up little kids as insects, fluffy rodents, random pink things, or hearts.

Unless that kindergarten is in Gaza and the kindergarten teachers are Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Then you get a peek into the genocidal psyche of Palestinians, cynically (ab)using their children in their lust to murder Jews.

#صور .. في احتفال تخرجهم .. أطفال روضة في غزة يقدمون عرضا مسرحيا يحاكي تدريباً عسكريا دعماً للمقاومة . تصوير Mahmoud Al-qasas

Posted by Shehab News Agency on Sunday, May 24, 2015


Translation: A theatrical graduation ceremony in a kindergarten in Gaza simulates military training in support of the resistance.

KinderPIJ KinderPIJ KinderPIJ KinderPIJ KinderPIJ KinderPIJ

They blow up so quickly.

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Bing Translation Fail Or Deliberate? Sun, 10 May 2015 14:29:07 +0000 Much ridicule has been written on Bing, and with good reason. The most recent fubar is crossing into conspiracy theory territory:

This is how Bing translates “Airstrikes” from English to Hebrew:


The result is: “The Israeli Strike

Yes, You read that right. Anywhere the word “airstrikes” is written, Bing translates it to “Israeli strikes” in Hebrew.

Like this tweet for instance, reporting about Syria, which now reads in Hebrew: “The Israeli strikes against ISIS in Syria”


If you can, go to Bing Translate, type “airstrikes,” select translate to Hebrew, and thumb down the life out of it.

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Haaretz’s Story On Mandžukić Tattoo Appears Straight Out Of Lazy Journalism Textbook Thu, 16 Apr 2015 09:50:04 +0000 The Mario Mandžukić Tattoo fail is now doing the rounds on Hebrew and Israeli media. Here’s Haaretz’s take:

Haaretz Tattoo

“Straight out of Google translate” you say? well, luckily enough, we can find out.

Here’s how how Google translates from English to Hebrew:

Tattoo Eng

Correct grammar, spelling and word direction.

I even went a head and looked up translation from Spanish to Hebrew:

Tattoo Spanish

And Croatian to Hebrew:

Tattoo Croatian

Correct as well.

Even Bing gets it right, and Bing is like the mentally challenged brother of Google.

Mark this one down to lazy journalism.

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Tornado Strikes US, Palestinians Gloat Sat, 11 Apr 2015 19:28:40 +0000 Just when you thought Palestinian bloodlust can’t get any more vile…

إعصار عنيف يضرب ولايات أمريكية .. #شاهد آثار الدمار الذي خلفه في ولاية إلينوي

Posted by Shehab News Agency on Friday, April 10, 2015


Here are some of the comments:


May the Lord remove all of American from political and geographical maps and the US becomes a lesson in history…. Amen.


O Allah, destroy them and annihilate them and increase their devastation


O Allah, destroy the White House and turn it black


O Allah, destroy the White House, all the conspirators and the tyrants amen

Bonus round: Palestinian anti-Semitism


O Allah, destroy them and annihilate them and the devastation of America and the Jews

Because nothing says “peace partner” like thanking a deity for natural disasters. One would think that Palestinians would limit their gloating to dead Israelis, but, alas, any time, anywhere in the western world disaster strikes, Palestinians come out in force and spew their genocidal hatred on the comments section of Shehab news.

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One Of These Is Not Like The Other Thu, 19 Feb 2015 06:51:11 +0000 Six English language Israeli news sites reported on the passing of Adele Biton. One of them downplayed the severity of what maimed her. Can you guess which one?

It should come as no surprise that Ha’aretz downplays Palestinian terrorism.

After all, it was one of their star writers, Gidon Levy, who urged Palestinians to throw stones and petrol bombs, claiming it’s their right and duty.

They don’t want Israel to continue tyrannizing them, so they resist. They hurl stones and firebombs. That’s what resistance looks like. Sometimes they act with heinous murderousness, but even that is not as bad as their occupier’s built-in violence.

It’s their right; it’s their duty.

Haaretz: still evil.


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Fake Gazan Civilian Watch: Izzat Really A Journalist? Thu, 25 Dec 2014 13:23:52 +0000 Earlier this week, we showed how a 17 year old Islamic Jihad terrorist was passed off as a “civilian.”

Now here’s a 23-year-old Islamic Jihad military media person being passed of as a “freelance photographer.”

Izzat Duheir 1


And in case there is still any doubt regarding his affiliation with a terrorist organization, here’s said terrorist organization issuing an obituary for him, calling him a “Shaheed Mujahid”, terror-speak for terrorist.


It’s no surprise then that PCHR make no mention of his terrorist affiliation:

عزت سلامة ضهير وهو صحفي حر، 23 عاماً

“Ezzat Salama Duheir a freelance journalist, 23 years old”

Moreover, him graduating from the Media department of the Islamic university, makes him a “journalist”, and he’s also listed as one of those 17 “innocent journalists” Israel killed. Naturally, here too there is no mention of him being an active member of Islamic Jihad:

29/7/2014: Twenty-three year old journalist Izzat Dahir, who was a correspondent for Al-Hurriyah al-Ilamiyah network in Hebron was killed.

Update: I have noticed the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center have listed Izzat Duheir in a report dealing exclusively with the 123 Islamic Jihad casualties (p. 20 in the PDF). The incriminating post by Islamic Jihad themselves vindicate, once more, the Meir Amit Center’s research.


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Merry Christmas And A Happy New Fail Wed, 24 Dec 2014 21:05:04 +0000 Israel’s official Twitter channel posted this:

And while the message is festive, the underlying fail isn’t.

That’s the Gorny Monastery on the slopes of Ein Kerem, Jerusalem.

Gorny Monastery is a Russian Orthodox Monastery which was built in Ein Kerem in 1871 as a part of Russia’s attempt to establish its hold in the Holy Land. For this reason it was also named “Moskovia” after the city of Moscow. The Gorny Monastery spreads over hundreds of dunams and includes three churches – two small and one big. The large church, the Church of the Holy Trinity, has domes and golden crosses by which this place is recognized.

In case you lived under a rock for the past millenia, Orthodox Christianity, including Russian Orthodoxy, celebrate Christmas on January 7th, as opposed to Western Christianity that does so today.

Sure, this picture is still relevant 13 days from now, but one cannot escape the feeling that the people operating Israel’s official Twitter channel are actually clueless about the different denominations.

According to Real Jstreets, Israel’s Government Press Office issued a National and Interfaith calendar with all the holidays and religious observance days for all religions, it included high quality pictures. And on January 7th, it has ‘Orthodox Christmas.’

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the fail.

Edit: This image doesn’t in fact appear in the GPO’s National and Interfaith calendar. The Twitter handle selected it by themselves.

Furthermore, as unplugged mentioned in the comments, Eastern Christianity celebrates Christmas on December 25th, but on the Julian calendar, not the Gregorian calendar – the most common worldwide calendar used by Israellycool, Twitter, and the Israeli government.

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Why Did This Palestinian Facebook Group Care About A Nepal Bus Crash? Sat, 25 Oct 2014 17:02:09 +0000 This Hamas affiliated Facebook group with 1.9 Million “likes” (almost 4 times as many as the Times of Israel), shared a story about a bus crash in Nepal.

At the time of writing, this post has more than 9000 likes, 850 shares, and 850 comments.


Because 2 Israelis died in the crash.

A tourist bus travelling from Kathmandu to the Langtang area in Nepal overturned and fell into an abyss on Friday resulting in ten deaths including two Israelis. Four Israelis were among the dozens of people injured.

The Israeli ambassador in Kathmandu was with the injured Israelis in hospital, according to Army Radio.

In total, there were 60 people on the bus that reportedly fell fifty meters. Police and rescue teams arrived at the scene and were able to evacuate the injured to an area hospital.

The accident was caused by overcrowding on the bus according to a Nepalese report.

The comments are of the typical racist genocidal manner:

Oh God, exterminate them and kill them vaporized and left them none

To hell

O limit the Zionist Jews and kill them, vaporize them and don’t leave any of them

To hell and good riddance, expand their dead Allah

Allah Akbar


God burn them

And that’s just from the first page of 50 comments.

“If it bleeds it leads” is a well known aphorism about journalism. I guess if it’s Jewish and it bleeds that’s even better for Palestinians.

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