Where I expose the Jew haters, especially those hiding behind the cloak of “anti-Zionism”

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Of The Day: Klarissa Mooj

Another hater letting down their guard

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite of the Day: Massachusetts City Commissioner David Obrien

What do Helen Thomas, Adam Sandler and George Costanza have in common with a small town Israel hating city commissioner?

Reader Post: The Antisemite Behind the Settlement Boycotts

Further proof BDS and antisemitism go hand-in-hand

Anti-Zionists-Not-Antisemites Of The Day

No antisemitism here, move along

Antisemite Of The Day: Pamela Hardyment

Some interesting facts about this antisemite

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Of The Day: Richard Kilgour

His hatred of Jews is no act

Free Gaza Co-Founder Greta Berlin Thinks Idea Of Murdered Jews Is Funny

Where I again highlight the vile antisemitism of a co-founder of Free Gaza and senior BDSHole

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