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Latest Blood Libel: IDF “Butterfly” Bullets

A number of Israel haters are posting a photo of some very scary looking bullets, supposedly used by the IDF. Except they are not

Those Demanding Return to Israel Make Clear They Want No Jews There

In case the images of violence and attempts to damage and breach the border fence have not clued you in to the fact that these "protesters" do not really want peace, perhaps their leaflets will do the trick

The Palestinians’ Added Layer of Mockery To “Swastika” Kite

There is something with the "Swastika" kite most people seem to have missed

Palestinians Score Own Goal With Latest Propaganda Video

The Palestinian Information Center has posted the latest palestinian propaganda video, which aims to portray their Friday "marches of return" as non-violent resistance. The introductory sentence should already clue you in that this video is an own-goal

The Irony With Natalie Portman’s Explanation About Her Disgraceful Decision

After reading Portman's statement in full and being reminded about a previous interview of hers, something comes to mind

Trayon White Used Constituent Services Fund to Sponsor (Antisemitic) Nation of Islam Event

According to The Washington Post, White donated $500 from his constituent services fund to sponsor a Nation of Islam event, where leader Louis Farrakhan said "powerful Jews are my enemy."

Natalie Portman Distances Herself From BDS Movement in Explanation of Her Recent Decision

In her explanation of her decision, Portman has gone out of her way to distance herself from the BDS movement and what they stand for

My Days on Twitter May Be Numbered

This is not a threat, it is just a statement of practicality

WATCH: Overthinking ‘Toy’ by Netta, Israel’s Eurovision 2018 Entry

I have already posted Israel's Eurovision entry for this year: Toy, by Netta. This video deconstructs and analyzes it in a fun way.

Trayon “The Rothschilds Control The Weather” White Bails on Holocaust Museum Tour

How NOT to show you are not an antisemite, by Trayon White

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