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Casual Antisemitism of the Day: ‘I Love Kikes’ Merchandise

Someone selling merchandise on online retailer Cafe Press has seen it fit to peddle in antisemitic slurs

Another Human Rights Watch Employee Makes Light of the Holocaust

Meet Matthew Myers, Associate Director of Finance at Human Rights Watch

Israel Hater Tony Greenstein Expelled From UK Labour Party

Some good news from the UK, with an infamous hater kicked out of the Labor party for offensive comments and posts

Rapper Azealia Banks: Me Cancelling My [Israel] Concert Would be Totally Anti-Semitic”

Rapper Azealia Banks will be heading to Israel to perform in May. And it may come as a surprise to those familiar with her

Richard Silverstein Simply Cannot Get Anything Right

Yet another embarrassing display of Slverstein's ignorance on all things, ehh, everything

The House of Hate That Carl Bildt

Carl Bildt, former Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs and former Prime Minister of Sweden, is now the Co-Chair European Council on Foreign Relations. He is also still an extreme hater of Israel.

A Photo You Likely Won’t See In the Mainstream Media

This photo does not fit the narrative the mainstream media is pushing...but it needs to be seen

Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif Blasts Bibi’s “Cartoonish Circus”

So here's how Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif responded to Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu's "Iranian drone" prop"

Why Israeli PM Netanyahu May Not Be Happy With New Entebbe Movie

Nothing in the trailer suggests it will paint the terrorists sympathetically, but the PM may not like it for another reason

Props to Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu…King of the Props

From the world leader who brought us the red line and rocket launcher comes his latest prop - the Iranian drone remnant

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