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How To Deal With BDSHoles (Updated)

Props to the quick thinking person who posted this note on the Apple computer belonging to a BDSHole

Lebanese-Australian’s Story Has Some Things to Say About Israel

An interesting story with a good ending, but it is some blink-and-you'll-miss-it parts worth pointing out

Roger Waters Makes An Ass Of Himself Again

Waters caught being perfectly dishonest yet again

Bibi Goes To New York

Video of Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu touching down in New York. And then it gets weird.

BBC Reporter Tweets Fauxtography

We are used to the anti-Israel crowd passing off Syrian kids as palestinian. Now a BBC reporter gets in on the act.

WATCH: How Liberals Really Feel About Black People

Ami Horovitz exposes the - Yes, I will say it - racism of liberals at Berkeley.

William Schabas Claims Israel Would Attack Spiderman

Potential UN probe head William Schabas has denied he hates Israel. In the same breath as claiming we would attack a beloved superhero

Arab TV Host Not The Sharpest Tool

Someone's overcompensating

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