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More Bad News For Roger! Alan Parsons Returning To Perform in Israel

The Alan Parsons Project is returning to Israel for two concerts in November

WATCH: “Jews Were Murdered In Hitler’s Gas Chambers Because Were ‘Cowards'”

Seen at the protests against Mark Regev's appearance at SOAS

New Congress Bill To Freeze State Department Funds Until Embassy Moved To Jerusalem

U.S. Senators Marco Rubio, Dean Heller, and Ted Cruz have introduced the Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act

Today’s Mandatory Reading: Howe’s That For Common Sense

Alan Howe continues to show when it comes to Israel, he well and truly understands what we are up against

Friday Riot Chutzpah

Just a few items that show the palestinians are the masters of "chutzpah"

Greta Berlin, Media Communications Expert

Learn how to improve your media communication skills from a real expert!

Chutzpah of the Day

Courtesy of Tablet Mag

Funny, He Doesn’t Look Jewish

I would hire this guy for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah later this year

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