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Telegraph Features Israel as The Mediterranean Country “You Really Should” Visit

Travel writer Soo Kim lists her reasons why Israel should be the destination of choice for those wanting to holiday on the Med

Mainstream Media Not Reporting Brutal, Antisemitic Attack In France

Apparently not newsworthy enough

Mariah Carey To Perform Here; Reportedly “Fell In Love” With Israel

It's Crimea River time for BDSHoles

NFL Players Who Touchdown In Israel Seem To Be Having A Ball

The social media posts indicate not all is lost

“And You Shall Tell Your Children”

Some of the ways Passover was observed throughout Europe before, during, and after the Holocaust

NFL Player Terrell Suggs Loves..Gefilte Fish?!

I'm not familiar with Terrell Suggs, but seeing his picture, I would never take him for a gefilte fish kinda guy.

Gaza Boat Convoy Twitter Account Makes Weinstein-Gate About The Jews

The anti-Zionists-not-antisemites are still at it

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