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Sunday Night Naitanui

Not just one, but two huge grabs from Nic Nat

The Curious Case Of the Palestinian Farmer

As usual, we cannot get one version of the story from the palestinians

Hanan Ashrawi’s MIFTAH Disseminates Jewish Blood Libel

"Promoting the principles of democracy and good governance within various components of Palestinian society"

Max Blumenthal And Ali Abunimah #HeartHamas

Turds of a feather get in on the #AskHamas action, but in a supportive way

Darwin Award Candidates of the Day

Palestinian rioters today wheeled a burning tire towards IDF soldiers. It did not go according to plan

Catherine Ashton’s Heinous Comparison

Baroness Catherine Ashton compares the Jewish children just murdered in cold blood in France with Gazan children accidentally killed by Israel while defending itself from rocket attacks

WATCH: Protest Outside Reems Bakery, Home Of The Terror Mural

Another protest seems to fall on deaf ears

Friday Morning Nic Nat Majak Magic

Today, my team the West Coast Eagles takes on North Melbourne in their Australian Rules Football match. These two of the freaks of the game will be in the action

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Of The Day: Bill Hanna (Picton, New Zealand)

Another hater gets his time in the limelight

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