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WATCH: Jim Jeffries Takes on Israeli Intact-ivist

I probably shouldn't find this funny, but I did. And not just because Jim Jeffries is a fellow Aussie.

Terror Org PFLP Masquerading as Human Rights Org: Part Five

Besides their personnel who are either PFLP members or collaborate with PFLP members, ADDAMEER has shown its true, terrorist colors with their support of terrorists, whether from the PFLP or other terror organizations

Latest Ploy of the Antisemites: Accuse Israel Advocates of Antisemitism

Make no mistake about it: this is a concerted campaign invoking the tried and tested strategy of "turnspeak" - accusing Israel and her supporters of the exact things of which the accusers are guilty

Adidas Rejects Claim That End of Israel Football Association Sponsorship Was Related to BDS

Adidas themselves have come out to reject the BDS movement's claims regarding the end of their sponsorship of the IFA, yet the BDSM and the haters continue to lie about it

P is for Palestine Author’s Latest Book

Golbarg Bashi of P is for Palestine infamy (#PisforPalestine!) is writing a new book

Palestinian Blood Libel of the Day: The Baby and Her Pregnant Mother Edition

What is clear is that these haters found a photo of a cute kid and deliberately lied that we murdered her.

Israel Under Attack While World Yawns

Honestly, how many of you learned about any of this going on from the mainstream media?

Radical Leftist Group Jewdas Calls Bibi Netanyahu a “Known Antisemite” & “Notorious Jew-Hater”

Jewdas has published a vile piece claiming that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is antisemitic according to the IHRA working definition of antisemitism

Richard Silverstein’s False Flag Operation

I'll let you decide what this says about the Middle East expertise of anti-Israel DouchebloggerTM and self-appointed M-E expert Richard Silverstein

Israel Haters Make Up Another Fake BDS Victory

Quds News Network is claiming yet another victory for BDS - the cancellation of a friendly soccer match between Ireland and Israel.

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