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A New Flood-Related Libel

Now that their terror tunnel escapades are getting more airplay, they clearly needed to find a way to accuse Israel of the same thing

Are You a US Jew Offended By President Trump’s Reference to Israel as “Your...

The JTA and Times of Israel are screaming bloody murder about US President Donald Trump's latest faux pas at a White House Hanukkah party

WATCH: Kuwaiti Journalist’s Reason for Supporting Peace with Israel

See if you can follow the logic of Kuwaiti Journalist Ahmed Al-Jarallah, who supports peace and normalization with Israel.

Photo of the Day: The Plane Truth Edition

The official Fatah Facebook page has posted the following photo of PA President Mahmoud Abbas on his way to Rome

Revealed! Identity of “Frightened Mouse” Hizbullah Terrorist

A few days ago, the IDF presented footage of a Hizbollah terrorist approaching a hidden camera inside a tunnel located on the Lebanese border - before running away like a frightened mouse when a device attached to it exploded.

UNGA Fails to Pass Anti Hamas Terror Resolution…And I’m Glad

Yesterday, the United Nations General Assembly failed to pass a resolution condemning Hamas and other terror groups for their terror activities. 

Some “Subliminally Suggestive” Imagery from Roger Waters’ Concert?

The following was posted to the Facebook page of rock'n'roll BDS-hole Roger Waters 

Where PETA Takes Political Correctness to a Whole New Level

Apparently this is not satire. This is the real PETA doing the PETA thing.

Damn Dust In The Eyes Again….

Meet Anis Abu Jane, a young Muslim with special needs

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