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Al Jazeera’s Way of Commemorating Kristallnacht

AJ+, the "woke" branch of Al Jazeera, posted this video yesterday

Revealing Words by Father of Palestinian Fisherman Allegedly Shot by Egyptians

Last week, palestinian fisherman Mustafa Abu Ouda was reportedly shot dead while fishing. Surprising: his relatives are blaming Egypt, not Israel, for his death. Really surprising: what his father says

Dutch BDS-Holes Revel In Their Jew Hatred

Dam Jew haters

LA City Council Calls on UCLA to Cancel National SJP Hate Conference

An important development ahead of National SJP's hate conference at UCLA

WATCH: The World’s Support of the Palestinians Symbolized In A Video

This video spoke to me, and not just because I am Aussie

Evidence of Mossad Cloud Tampering in Other Photo of “Iconic” Palestinian Rioter

This photo has the haters on cloud nine. Little do they know, but it seems to show evidence of some Mossad cloud tampering

Unbridled Jew Hatred: This is QNN

Quds News Network, the Facebook page that spends 24/7 demonizing the Jewish state, recently got sloppy and allowed its inner Jew hater to shine

“Iconic” Shirtless Palestinian Rioter Claims He Was Targeted For Being Photogenic

The "iconic" shirtless palestinian rioter aka Triple A, who was supposed injured last week, is claiming he was deliberately targeted by Israel....because he takes good photo.

NSJP Refutes Claim They Used UCLA Bear Logo in Hate Conference Artwork

Reports emerged that NSJP refused to comply with UCLA's cease-and-desist letter, and now it is clear why.

Unintentionally Hilarious Arafat Graphic of the Day

This is fast become a thing

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