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What Hasn’t Israel Invented?

If you answered "special kangaroo toothpaste", you'd be wrong.

How Deborah Orr Would Opine On Israel’s Aid To Turkey

Disclaimer: Deborah Orr did not write the following, but I imagine she could.

No Comparison

I don't have much to add beyond "watch this."
Richard Silverstein

I’m Guessing It’s Not To Send Me A Christmas Card

More douchery from the DouchebloggerTM

Debbie Does Callous, But Apparently Not Apologies

Deborah Orr, who wrote the antisemitic piece in The Guardian in the wake of the Shalit-for-terrorists exchange, has followed it up with something she tries to pass off as an apology

Wednesday Night Comedy

Of the unintentional variety
julio pino

US University Professor: “Death To Israel”

Professor of history? More like professor of hate

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