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What’s The Exchange Rate For Jerusalem Shekels To Tel Aviv Shekels?

December 31st 2011 Rate for Jerusalem Shekel: ?3.7800 to the US $ Rate for Tel Aviv Shekel: ?3.7730 to the US $

Bye Bye Blogger

Ok, that does it for me on here. I have moved to Moveable Type (finally). The new URL is: http://www.gravett.org/Israellycool/ Please bookmark my new site and...

Consumed by Hatred

More insight into the minds of our enemies. A troll by the name of Osama has posted this response to my post on terrorist...

Go, Aussie, Go!

Now for some good news - at least to those Australians out there. Australia are through to the Rugby World Cup final. We defeated...

We Are All Under Attack

On Sundays, I am always a little behind on the weekend news due to my observance of the Jewish Sabbath, which lasts from Friday...

Inspector Gadget

Here is a picture of Presidential Envoy to Iraq, Paul Bremer, taken from the Al-Crapeeza website. Is it just me, or does the position of...

Tommy Hits Back

Israeli Justice Minister Yosef "Tommy" Lapid has compared anti-Semitic Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis (otherwise known as "Theo-dork") to Hitler. In response, Theo-dork compared Lapid to...

Those Zionists Sure Get Around

According to the Media Line, the Egyptian-based Middle East News Agency have reported that an office belonging to the Mossad was bombed in the...

Michael Jordan and the PLO Arabs Revisited (Or: How To Recognize a Hoax)

Reader Harry explains why the Michael Jordan story I blogged about yesterday was never mentioned by the main media - it was a hoax! This...

There’s Nothing on the Tube

The PLO Arab deputy minister for foreign affairs is apparently bored with television in the PLO Arab areas. They just aren't showing enough anti-Semitic...

How Much Al-Crapeeza Do We Have To Swallow?

Al-Crapeeza continue their lying and incitement. In their report on the decision by the Israeli Supreme Court to lift the ban on the film...

“Israellycool” Family Member Helps Nail Two Terrorists

This news alert from Debka: In southern Gaza Strip, Palestinians shot and injured member of crew working on Morag security fence. He was evacuated...

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