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What Is It Like To See Queen In Park HaYarkon In Tel Aviv

It’s a real event joining 60,000 Israelis in a park to see Queen.

The Russia Abbas Israel Connection Is A Big Deal

It was the subversion of left wing Israelis and our ultra-left political movements and media that led to Oslo, the Two State Delusion and other national disasters.

Fatah Facebook Community Standards

There is no Fatah corruption at Rafah terminal (any more).

Facebook Turned On Safety Check For Tel Aviv Building Collapse

Facebook deployed its Israeli developed Safety Check feature in Tel Aviv for the first time.

Cambridge Police Commissioner And Tommy Robinson’s Solicitor Swap Statements

“This is believed to be a blatant misuse of a dispersal order against a football fan who did nothing more than go on a family day out”

Tommy Robinson Thrown Out Of Cambridge And Why You Should Worry (Updated)

Europe’s struggle with belligerent parts of their Muslim populations is exactly the same as Israel’s

Another Deceitful Reuters Israel Headline

Reuters should be reprimanded and Luke Baker should answer for his team’s work.

New Israel Fund Can’t Handle Debate In London

When Zionism is too dangerous to be heard in a synagogue in London, you know there’s a problem.

Ahmed Halavah Beaten To Death After Detention By The Wrong Police

“Palestinian suspect in police killings beaten to death” - which police force do you blame?

When Death Is The Alternative, Israel Isn’t So Bad

Remind us again how much you think Israel should hand back the Golan Heights to Syria

Football Crowds Hating Israel Has Grown

What a difference a decade makes in anti-Israel feeling.

Facebook Is For Terrorists

While Facebook has banned Zahava and myself, lets take a look at who continues to operate freely on Mark Zuckerberg’s social media site.
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