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Shocking Video Of Terrorist Firing Missiles From Cart In Civilian Area

And people wonder how civilians are killed...

UFC Fighter & IDF Soldier, Noad Lahat, Interviewed By CNN

Mess with the best, die like the rest...

Photo Of The Day: Proud Israeli Muslim Mom & 2 IDF Sons

An Israeli Muslim Arab lady and her 2 IDF soldier sons.

Muslims In Hebron Celebrate Incoming Hamas Rockets

Who celebrates terrorism when it's aimed at them too?

IDF Soldier Helps Chained & Starving Palestinian Man In Gaza

The beauty of an IDF soldier.

Palestinian Official Admits Israel Follows Int. Law But They Don’t

These admissions should never be ignored.

What It’s Like To Be Outside Under Rocket Fire

Would you accept living like this?

Terrorist Moron Of The Day

Taking moron to a whole new level!

Great Morale In Jerusalem Hotel Bomb Shelter

This is what separates us from our enemies! Am Yisrael Chai!!

Musing On The Cool

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