Israel Muse

Muslims Celebrate Hamas Rockets While Driving During Siren

Only an ignoramus celebrates terrorism in a country that protects him from it

Shocking Video Of Terrorist Firing Missiles From Cart In Civilian Area

And people wonder how civilians are killed...

What It’s Like To Be Outside Under Rocket Fire

Would you accept living like this?

“Harmless Rocket” Aftermath At Petrol Station In Ashdod

You won't think rockets from Gaza are harmless after you see this!

IDF ‘Roof Knocking’ Procedure

An amazing procedure which no other army uses and which is ignored by the international community!

Great Morale In Jerusalem Hotel Bomb Shelter

This is what separates us from our enemies! Am Yisrael Chai!!

Arabs In Yaffo Tel Aviv Celebrate Hamas Rocket Fire On Israel

...while taking advantage of the protective measures we have in place for all citizens!

Apartheid Fail Of The Day

An #ApartheidFail at a Tel Aviv train station...

Mohammad Zoabi’s Strong Message About The Kidnappings

It's easy for me to say his words takes guts for an Arab to say the same.

Photo Of The Day: Tel Aviv Bus Apartheid Edition

There I was, no trees close by....

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