JIB Awards

JIB Awards 2005: Next Steps

Voting for the JIB awards closed last night, Israel time.   Provisional results are now being displayed for each category.* Please note that results are subject to change as the Jerusalem Post validates the votes, and makes adjustments in cases ...

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JIB Awards 2005: Hear Me Roar Well

For the second year in a row, I find myself having to write a JIB-related post that I wish was not necessary.   You see, it seems that there are plenty of people out there who take the competition aspect ...

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JIB Awards 2005: Miscellaneous Thoughts

A number of somewhat disconnected points relating to the awards.   1. Emailing me expressing how dumb the awards are, or how I should disqualify those who are canvassing for votes, or how I should have excluded various blogs on ...

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JIB Awards 2005: Ballot Stuffing

It has come to our attention that some overzealous voters have been voting multiple times.   While there is clearly a loophole in the voting software, this is forbidden by the rules. Therefore, we shall be regularly checking poll records ...

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JIB Awards 2005: Important Announcements

A number of important announcements:   1. We have decided to push the voting back to January 9th. From January 2nd until this time, the nominated blogs will be displayed on the Jerusalem Post site, allowing readers to casually visit ...

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