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When ‘Son of a Dog’ Met ‘Hand of God’

What does a meeting between a bloated has-been in ill-health and another bloated has-been in ill-health look like?

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: From Gaza, With Dove

The bird-brains have been at it again

Hamas Blames Israel for Technical Glitch at Iranian Hatefest

This sounds like a comedy of errors, incompetence and cowardice. Must be Israel's fault!

Latest Palestinian Weapon: Explosive Birds

Old and busted: The Maltese Falcon New hotness: The Molotov Falcon

Another Israel Hater Eligible For Funding from Zionist Foundation: David Schwartz

Another hater who seems to be gaming the system so he can get funding from a pro-Israel foundation, yet work against Israel

Jew Hater CJ Werelman Says Israel Worse than the Nazis

I have written about CJ Werelman before, given his disregard for the truth and proclivity to lie when it comes to Israel. And until now, I have characterized him as an Israel hater. I am now going to refer to him as the Jew hater that he most clearly is.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Admits Her Ignorance on the Middle East Conflict

Ocasio-Cortez has admitted she knows very little about the situation here, in an interview on PBS' Firing Line.

To The Palestinians, Bad Propaganda is Child’s Play

The latest contrived propaganda to come out of Gaza

Code Pinker Ariel Vegosen Eligible to Receive Funding from a Zionist Foundation

A follow-up to my original piece on Code Pinker Ariel Vegosen, who seems to be hiding her BDS activities from players in the Jewish community

The Death of a Palestinian Boy You Likely Won’t Read About in Mainstream Media

Today, 13-year-old palestinian Louay Ahmad Hassan was killed. But you aren't, and probably won't, hear about it in the mainstream media

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