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Sunday, August 20, 2017
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Israel Accused Of Making Monkey Suicidal

I'd say you can't make this stuff up...but they clearly are.

Message to Richard Spencer, Racist

After the interview with Israeli TV, I am left with little choice

Al Jazeera Selects Antisemitic Child Abuser Manal Tamimi As “Palestinian Supermom”

Here's hoping we closed down their entire operation here for good.

Viral Website Fusion Gives Reems Bakery And Terrorism Kosher Seal of Approval

When you have the likes of Fusion pulling stunts like this, we have a heck of an uphill battle

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Real Life Action Hero

Former Terminator and Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger puts his money where his mouth is.

Paul Joseph Watson: Time To Rethink #FakeNews On Israel?

I’m not blaming anyone outside Israel for getting the wrong impression about Israel: the #FakeNews has gone on for decades!

New Israeli Research: Smiley Emojis Can Do Harm

Is there any subject an Israeli has NOT researched?

WATCH: Palestinian Child Abuse of The Day

Palestinian boys fire toy guns at IDF soldiers on the Temple Mount

Blatant Antisemitism At Aparthaus Paradies Hotel in Switzerland

This would almost be hard to believe if it wasn't, given the increasing Jew hatred we are seeing across the globe

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