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Thursday, March 23, 2017
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CTV Guilty of Picture Abuse

Yet more lethal journalism

An Open Letter to Israel

We are fulfilling ancient and modern promises, returning to our land, turning the deserts green.

The New Journalism – Balancing What You Say with What They Hear

It really never comes down to what we say, so much as what they hear.

New York Times Article On Ma’ale Adumim: All The Errors Fit to Print

Paula fisks a NY Times piece on her city

Let Jerusalem’s Biggest Problem Be Garbage

Easier to explain terrorism than a garbage strike?

The Hardest Days

May the stars in the night sky be the candles of your cake

An Open Letter to God

Paula pens another letter

An Open Letter to the Paris “Peace” Summit Delegates

Two state solution would never have worked; and the Paris "Peace" Summit won't either

Banning Guns Won’t Save Lives

Please America, stop fighting guns and start fighting criminals and terrorists

An Open Letter To An Israel Hater

Ultimately, the one most responsible for the passage of UN resolution 2334 deserves a letter of his own.

An Open Letter to New Zealand

And now we discuss New Zealand, another sponsor of UN Resolution 2334

An Open Letter To Senegal

Israel is pulling back its assistance program to Senegal, but don't worry. Senegal is covered.
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