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10 Reasons We Know The New York Times Is The Hamas PR Department (Update...

Relax, it's just a joke . . . sort of

Guest Post (Kasim Hafeez): Get Over The Victimology

“So in summary, I’m sick of the Muslim worlds’ victimology, get over it!”

The Washington Post Betrays A Bias

When opinion is published as fact, well then Washington, we have a problem.

Regular As Clockwork, Here Comes A New Olive Tree Libel

It’s another Pallywood chainsaw massacre and their coming for the olive trees.

New York Times Embarrasses Itself With Rubio “Reporting”

The New York Times is allowing itself to be turned into a partisan clearing house for left wing propaganda.

More Palestinian Child Abuse

Shame on the parents and enablers!

Muslims Using Kids To Harass Jews On Temple Mount

Here is something you simply won't find on any mainstream media news site, because it does not fit the narrative they are pushing

Israel Hater Wishes For My Murder

Where someone claiming to be for human rights would love to deny me life

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