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Israel Hater Wishes For My Murder

Where someone claiming to be for human rights would love to deny me life

Ben Ehrenreich And The NY Times Paint False Picture Of Terror And Violence Advocates

More on the NY Times article referring to me simply (and derogatorily) as a "right-wing blogger"

Where I Get Mentioned In The NY Times

..if only by implication

Best of 2012: Top 10 Israellycool Posts

The most visited Israellycool posts for 2012

Reasons To Support A Palestinian State: Thespian Tradition

Do put your daughter on the stage Mrs Worthington

Buzzkill On BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed has posted The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2012. Guess who makes an appearance.

Pallywood, Blonde Palestinian Bombshell Edition

A blonde palestinian girl seems to be part of the propaganda war against Israel.

WATCH: Ringo Starr on Israel “It’s Not Really Europe But That’s Where We’re Going!”

The fact that he specifically mentioned us here is a sign that Roger Waters might as well give up

WATCH: Muslim Boy Strikes Israeli Soldier

A sick society that thrives on child abuse.

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