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Buzzkill On BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed has posted The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2012. Guess who makes an appearance.

Pallywood, Blonde Palestinian Bombshell Edition

A blonde palestinian girl seems to be part of the propaganda war against Israel.

WATCH: Muslim Boy Strikes Israeli Soldier

A sick society that thrives on child abuse.

Why You Haven’t Seen This Shocking Photo

The media is replete with images of conflict in the Holy Land; but there is one shocking photo they don't want you to see

US State Department Funding Anti-Israel Activities

Troubling to say the least

Answering The Olive Tree Destruction Libel

Exactly how easy is it to cut an olive tree down?

Palestinian West Bank: Occupation Growing

The statistics are unimpeachable: 2% more occupation than last year!

Israel Haters Exploiting Ferguson Unrest

Where there's smoke, there's usually an Israel hater or two

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