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Shirley Temper, Celebrity

Pallywood's favorite blonde darling has a fan in Mahmoud Abbas

Shirley Temper, The Early Years

Everyone's favorite Pallywood blonde has been at it for at least two years

Wunderkind Shirley Temper!

A silent movie

Amnesty International: Shirley Biased Against Israel

Double standards + Shirley Temper

Latest Palestinian Propaganda Poster Child: Onion Boy!

Move over Shirley Temper! There is a new palestinian propaganda child in town. And unlike you, he has a prop!

Muhammad Tamimi Admits Skull Injury Not Caused by IDF (Updated)

Shirley Temper's cousin admits shamelessly lying about his stomach churning injuries. And the IDF was not to blame after all

Bassem Tamimi Flat-Out Lies To Western Media About Rejecting Violence

The father of incarcerated teen Ahed Tamimi (aka Shirley Temper) outright lies to the western media

Anti-Israel Celebrities Show off Their Hypocrisy

A group of US actors, athletes, musicians, scholars, and political figures have signed a statement by Dream Defenders, calling for the release of Ahed "Shirley Temper" Tamimi

AMZ Productions (of Oregon) Attack Israellycool; ‘Like’ Antisemitic Comment

The Shirley Temper enablers try to poke fun at Israellycool, but only dig themselves a bigger hole

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