Richard Silverstein


With the media once again getting duped by anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein, and based on a number of requests by readers, I have compiled this list of links pointing to Silverstein’s:

  • Unreliability, whether it be lies or lack of factchecking
  • Defence of Hamas and palestinian terrorists, or otherwise explaining away their crimes
  • Ignorance of Israel and Judaism, despite his claims of expertise
  • Hypocrisy
  • Possible crimes
  • Following by antisemites

No doubt this list will be expanded over time. Feel free to send me any other examples you find, and point this list to those who consider him a credible source.

For all my posts dealing with Silverstein, see here.

Note that I have provided links to support my opinions about Silverstein. You can form your own conclusions.

False claims, lies and sloppy fact-checking

Falling for yet another spoof story

Posting palestinian claims as fact, despite inherent contradictions between them

Falling for fake Israeli policeman photo:

Falsely claiming journalist Zvika Klein is not an orthodox Jew:

Falling for fake “selfie”:

Claiming Charlie Hebdo never did antisemitic satire:

Falsely posting driver of a bus involved in accident was Jewish:

Posting as fact terrorists were “executed” in cold blood, despite lack of evidence

Posting as fact that “settlers” murdered Arab boy, despite lack of evidence and suggestions it could have been “honor killing”:

Posting photo of demolished mosque in Israel, only it turns out it was from Angola:

Accusing someone of leaking “private” info, even though he had tweeted it for all and sundry:

Publishing false story based on anon source who deliberately fed him wrong info, and whom Silverstein did not vet:

Mixing up the identities of two Rabbis:

Posting wrong identity of “Prisoner X”:

Falsely claiming to be qualified as an expert on the Arab-Israeli conflict:

Claiming to have published a “scoop” on Israeli war plans against Iran, when same document appeared almost word-for-word on a forum days earlier:

After being caught, falsely claiming the forum post and his document were significantly different:

Falsely claiming Israel’s Channels 2 and 10 called him the “Wikileaks of Israel”:

Misquoting number of palestinian civilians who died in Operation Cast Lead:

Falsely claiming wealthy Jews threatened to withdraw support from Jane Fonda’s Atlanta charity:

Refusing to correct error he made regarding reason behind a downgrade in Caterpillar’s stock:

Falsely claiming Honest Reporting was enlisted by Avi Mayer and Ron Prosor:

Quickly accusing Israel of being behind downing of Ma’an News site, despite no evidence of this:

Claiming IAF drone crash was really Hizbullah drone attack: , and then backtracking once true story came out:

Posting conjecture about Arafat dying of AIDS, and years later accusing those of holding that position as “scumbags”:

Falsely claiming he would not reveal information if it could harm Israel:

Falsely claiming I did and said something I never did:

Falsely claiming I said something I didn’t:

Lying about my departure from PJM:

Posting lies about JIB Awards:

Misleading post and photo about Gaza power cuts:

Manipulating and modifying reader comments:

Falling to a sting, by accepting word of an anonymous source I created without fact-checking:

Rushing to post a scoop/story, only to have to change some of the facts later:

Posting uncorroborated/incorrect information and then having to retract:

Using old photo to illustrate a different story:

Posting photo with wrong caption and still leaving it up once pointed out to him:

Misquoting an article on Israeli attack on Iran:

Falling for spoof story and posting it as fact:

Falling for spoof story again:

And again:

Rushing to post a story about Anat Kam, despite requests from her attorney not to:

Posting incorrect information regarding Arabs killed by Border Police:

Using wrong link (showing he doesn’t understand Hebrew or did not actually read the article to which he linked):

Defending Muslim and palestinian terrorists or otherwise trying to minimize/explain their crimes or compare to Israeli actions (admission that his readers likely wouldn’t be interested in anti-terrorism)

Ignorance on Israel and Judaism

Getting the Jewish year wrong:

Calling a central belief of Judaism a “Zionist myth”:

Unaware most Israelis do not work on Fridays:

Displaying ignorance of Israeli culture:

Displaying ignorance of Judaism:

Lack Of Hebrew



Bullying And Intimidation


Possible crimes

Possible obstruction of justice:

Libel trial: (the libel claim against him was later dismissed)

Antisemitic following

Neo Nazis:

Antisemitism posted on his peace forum:

David Duke citation: